1976. lacey didn’t know what was wrong with her because she wasn’t attracted to anyone. she always thought that she was a freak because her mother was aphrodite, goddess of love, and yet she didn’t have feelings for anyone. when annabeth heard this she researched until she found an answer. lacey had never been more grateful to annabeth than when she told her about asexuality, and that lacy was perfectly fine.

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1975. nico didn’t expect that during his first kiss he’d be floating in midair while the son of jupiter held him close.

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1974. on their first date, piper took calypso to a butterfly garden. it was that day that piper realized she was completely in love with calypso’s smile.

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1973. once, in a drunken game of truth or dare, leo dared percy and jason to kiss. he didn’t expect them to go at it so enthusiastically.

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LGBTQA, why are you erasing asexual people?

Hi, thanks for contacting me with your concern! In my original Pride Week post, I used to longer anagram LGBTQIAP, but I usually use “LGBTQ” because it’s shorter, better known, and the Q works as an umbrella term. I could be wrong, but I’m fairly certain that’s why most people use LGBTQ, instead of one of the many longer variations.

I’m sorry you believe that I was erasing asexual people (or pansexual, or intersex- we count too), that was (clearly) not my intent. In the future I’ll always use the full anagram to help prevent any more confusion.

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1972. annabeth is actually bi, and helps nico feel more comfortable around people because of his sexuality.

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Pride Week Has Begun!

Don’t forget to send in any LGBTQ submissions that you have! I will try to post as many as possible, so help me get the queue loaded up!

(Normal submission are not being posted this week; the blog is reserved entirely for LGBTQ pride headcanons. Save those submissions for later!)

Happy Pride!

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1971. reyna is demisexual, panromantic. she was unaware of this until her attachment to annabeth started forming.

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1970. reyna and annabeth really feel like they “get” each other. after the second giant war they spent hours just chatting or sitting in silence. annabeth bounced ideas off reyna, and reyna got annabeth to help with the legion’s paperwork.

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1969. it took the entirety of both camps, twelve satyrs, three nymphs and five monsters to get will solace and jake mason together.

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