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I don't like Reyna much is that bad?

An opinion can’t be bad, anon. (Unless you’re opinion is that you don’t like captain america, in which case get out of my house). You’re free to like/dislike any character you want. Personally, I have always despised Luke, but I know that a whole lot of people in the fandom view him as some sort of a super-hero. Opinions! Different thinking! Crazy!

Honestly, I can understand why people don’t like Reyna. Not by a her character’s fault, but by bad writing’s fault. If you take Reyna just by the text, while she does have a lot of really positive attributes (extreme loyalty, trusting others, standing up for what is right), a lot of other characters view her in a “woe is me” sort of light because she is so ~lonely~.

Not going to lie, I think she isn’t a well written character. RR did wrong by her by making other characters view her as practically pathetic. The girl held together the entirety of Camp Jupiter by herself for months, and they pity her for not having a boyfriend? (And then Jason doesn’t even thank her when he gets back to CJ he thanks Percy who has been praetor for one day. Jfc RR fix your writing). 

I see people forget all the time that Reyna flew all the way to Greece by herself. The seven barely made it as a team. People also forget how quick she was to defend and protect Annabeth, even if it meant forsaking her camp. People forget that before Percy swooped in, she fought a giant to defend CJ all by herself. People remember the ultimate worst line of writing, “Reyna had no one.”

So, yeah, this basically turned into a rant about how much I love her? Which is a lot? But everyone is entitled to their own opinions, just don’t send hate to each other about it.

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1995. the athena cabin has a magic boarder of its own that keeps out spiders.

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Hello lovely followers!

I’m having some serious computer problems so I can only access tumblr through the mobile app (and we all know how good that is). It’s going to mean a minor delay in the theme update so thank you ahead of time for the update!

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1994. percy spent a week as a cactus when they first told athena annabeth was pregnant.

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1993. the really lost pizza guy got over the border because he was invited to deliver the pizza, which was an invitation to the camp.

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Character of the Month Voting is Open!

Every month the followers of percyjacksonheadcanons get to vote on who the next theme is based off of. Make your vote count!

Here is the link, happy voting! 

Be careful with your votes- you never know who will blast you out of the sky for not picking them…

Edit: read the rules please! Last time I checked, the really lost pizza delivery guy was not a god. Stop voting for him.

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1992. if demigods stay year round, they have something equivalent to exams, but instead of testing for math and reading, they test for monster killing and mythology 101.

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1991. when reyna and annabeth started dating, they both cut their hair short.

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1990. every quester receives a key to sally’s apartment when they go on a quest, just in case they get injured and camp is too far away.

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1989. although most of athena’s children are born with blonde hair, it is not unusual for their hair to become darker after leaving camp.

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