1994. percy spent a week as a cactus when they first told athena annabeth was pregnant.

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1993. the really lost pizza guy got over the border because he was invited to deliver the pizza, which was an invitation to the camp.

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Character of the Month Voting is Open!

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Be careful with your votes- you never know who will blast you out of the sky for not picking them…

Edit: read the rules please! Last time I checked, the really lost pizza delivery guy was not a god. Stop voting for him.

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1992. if demigods stay year round, they have something equivalent to exams, but instead of testing for math and reading, they test for monster killing and mythology 101.

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1991. when reyna and annabeth started dating, they both cut their hair short.

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1990. every quester receives a key to sally’s apartment when they go on a quest, just in case they get injured and camp is too far away.

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1989. although most of athena’s children are born with blonde hair, it is not unusual for their hair to become darker after leaving camp.

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1987. nico is lithromantic.

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1988. every year at camp half blood a pride celebration is held. iris makes sure to put a rainbow over the camp for the whole day.

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I'm just curious as to why all the confession have to be about character sexualities and such? I mean there's nothing wrong with loving who you want to love!! I was just wondering if there was a reason they were all about relationships?

Last Sunday through today was Pride Week for the blog. Normally submissions are taken on any topic.

While were on the subject- thank you all for your wonderful submissions. You’ve made this week a great success!

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