Pride Week Has Begun!

Don’t forget to send in any LGBTQ submissions that you have! I will try to post as many as possible, so help me get the queue loaded up!

(Normal submission are not being posted this week; the blog is reserved entirely for LGBTQ pride headcanons. Save those submissions for later!)

Happy Pride!

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1971. reyna is demisexual, panromantic. she was unaware of this until her attachment to annabeth started forming.

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1970. reyna and annabeth really feel like they “get” each other. after the second giant war they spent hours just chatting or sitting in silence. annabeth bounced ideas off reyna, and reyna got annabeth to help with the legion’s paperwork.

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1969. it took the entirety of both camps, twelve satyrs, three nymphs and five monsters to get will solace and jake mason together.

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1968. every year, the demigods gather for their own olympics, with original and modern events. the cabins will compete against each other, and all the gods attend.

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1967. rachel decided to teach percy to draw and paint. percy, no matter how hard he tried, couldn’t paint or draw for his life. that is, until rachel introduced him to watercolor.

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Introducing Demigod Pride Week!


In honor of June being national pride month (in America at least!) Percy Jackson Headcanons will be holding a week of LGBTQIAP headcanons. The week will be from this upcoming Sunday, June 15th through the following Saturday, June 21st. 

Submit your headcanons! Send all of your pairings in, and I mean all! Just remember not to bend canon- these are still headcanons, not fanfiction.

Happy pride!

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1967. when chiron decided that the electricity bill was getting too expensive, he had the hephaestus cabin set up underground wires so they could extract electricity from cabin one.

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1966. biology comes really easy to children of poseidon.

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1965. even though children of hypnos tend to sleep a lot, some of them have the power to put off sleep and stay awake for days with no usual side effects of insomnia.

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