2014. annabeth actually secretly hates olives, while percy loves them.

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2014. thalia, rachel, and piper got together and started a “rich and famous parents” club.

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Important Mod Announcement!

There isn’t going to be a character of the month for August- as much as I’m trying I’m just too busy with my job and getting ready to move. I’ll be loading up a super queue to make sure there are posts throughout the month. 

Thank you all for you patience and understanding- character of the month will be starting up fresh in September!

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2013. for a small fee, a member of the hypnos cabin will stop a demigods dreams for a month.

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2012. the stoll brothers can beat just about everyone at camp at monopoly.

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HoO + text posts

all art by minuiko

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A message from your local PJHC mod-

I’m a little backed up with work and packing for a move right now so there is a slight delay in character of the month! A full post and link to the poll will be published in a day or two.

Thanks for your patience! 

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Hello there! I am looking for help from your followers. I am researching for a PJO fic with a genderqueer character, and I was wondering if any of your followers who are genderqueer could talk to me about their experiences/I could pick their brains a bit?

Attention to all my lovely genderqueer followers! Please message trivia-goddess if you would like to help her research for her fic!

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2011. nico can often tell when people talk about him and often shadow travels his hand next to them to flip them off.

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2010. legacies are sometimes teased with the term ‘hemisemidemigods’.

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